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Serious Business: NoRemorse.ET @ Qcon2k6
  Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 06:27:53 PM | v1D
  Title basically says enough besides there no domes popping off.... 3 minutes and 52 secs of shanking.;7651812;/fileinfo.html

I don't care if you don't like it. I personally don't think its good, I just wanted to get it off my computer since I'm occupied with other business atm.

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-[x]- End server party!!!
  Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 06:05:58 PM | -Tr0n-
  Shrubapalooza (the last bastion from hackers and douche admins) Is going to be put to sleep in the morning of May, 30th, 2007.

This is an invite... from -[x]- to all of the people we've been playing with thru the years and new faces to come out and frag it up with us one last time.


Time/Date : 8pm est/May 29, 2007
Place : Shrubapalooza (

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eightS from Teh Birdz gets caught hacking in Allstars
  Posted on Monday, May 28, 2007 at 09:59:35 PM | [dta]
  On May 25, 2007 eightS was put on the PBBANS MBL for an MD5Tool violation.

>PBSV: VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: ..I., eightS (slot #8) MD5Tool Mismatch: menu.wav (len=32) [1e9cf999c717fa67ccb3239bf51b89c8(-)]

Welcome to the MBL eightS. Thanks for keeping wolf alive.....

more info here:

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7 Playoffs: Week 1 UFO
  Posted on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 07:39:05 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL
The playoffs are a 12 team bracket with the top 4 seeds having a week to rest and rant in the forums.

The maps were selected by team voting:
May 31, 2007 – Preliminary Round: UFO
June 7, 2007 – QuarterFinals: Beach
June 14, 2007 – SemiFinals: Frostbite
June 21, 2007 – Championship: Tundra Rush Beta

#1 Team Trinity – BYE

#2 Syndicate – BYE

#3 nG – BYE


#5 CriticaL IMPulse vs. #12 -[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage

#6 SS Frogmen vs. #11 It’s ur birfday

#7 ECGN vs. #10 FINAO

#8 RCMP vs. #9 TotalHavoc

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 8 Frostbite
  Posted on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 06:50:29 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Yes. there apparently was a softcore flick name Frostbite featuring Traci Lords. Feel free to abuse me for the pathetic effort to link RTCW players with the 2 things they love: porn and gaming.

Last week I mentioned there were only 4 points separating 12 teams. This week? Same thing.

Week 8:
Map: Frostbite
Default Date: Thursday, May 24, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt

Playoff format, maps, and matchups will be posted Friday. Good luck this week and thanks in advance for what has proven to be an excellent season.

vs. Doodie

Syndicate vs. =TAO=

nG vs. -[x]-TremeSold!ers2


RCMP vs. CriticaL IMPulse

SS Frogmen vs. It’s ur birfday

=AFA= vs. !tH!

FINAO vs. -[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage

ASC vs. TnA

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TWL Season 12 Remedy Movie
  Posted on Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 11:34:25 PM | Sage-Buzzard
  After countless months of shurb players going spec and taking demos, this kid has officially been banned from all shrub servers, here is just some of the questionable footage taken from shrub's expert cameramen...;7539704;/fileinfo.html

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Playoff Maps
  Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 04:59:34 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

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Experimental Google Features vs RTCW
  Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 02:27:35 PM | -doNka-
  Google is always experimenting with new features aimed at improving the search experience. Take them for a spin, and let us know what you think.

Description of the experemental features here

Timeline view: [Wolfenstein]

Map view [Wolfenstein] [RTCW]

Left-hand navigation: [Wolfenstein] [RTCW]

Right-hand navigation: [Wolfenstein] [RTCW]

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 7 Assault
  Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 at 05:59:02 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Playoffs are only 2 weeks away. Rosters are locked. There are only 4 points separating the teams ranked #3-#14. These next two weeks are as much for MAKING the playoffs as they are for seeding.

Week 7:
Map: Assault
Default Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt

-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage
vs. -[x]-TremeSold!ers2 Two -[x]-s enter, one -[x]- leaves...

tTt vs. PACO

Syndicate vs. RCMP

nG vs. SS Frogmen

ECGN vs. =AFA=

CriticaL IMPulse vs. !tH!

It’s ur birfday vs. ASC

TnA vs. #2


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Details On New Wolfenstein Development.
  Posted on Saturday, May 12, 2007 at 10:15:08 PM | -doNka-
  From Yahoo News:

The company is currently working on a new game based on the "Wolfenstein" series, and with newer motion-capture technology, it is working with a local actress to be the character in its movie.


The game won't come out until sometime in 2008, but the name and many other details about it are being kept secret, which is just one clue at how competitive this industry has become.

Full article
More about technology and C. Coon here
Thanks to Tosspot at ESReality for finding this.

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More Concept Art from (possibly)RTCW2
  Posted on Saturday, May 12, 2007 at 09:59:35 PM | -doNka-
  v1k!ngISCG was nice enough to point out a site of an artist whose resume enlists a few gaming software companies with id Software being one of them. On that site there are images of what can possibly be RTCW2 concept art. They are not labeled in any way besides with swastikas, but those images appeared in a RTCW2 announcement videos some time ago. There are some random objects, machinery, as well as a decent character set. See for yourself

img 1 img 2 img 3 img 4 img 5 img 6 img 7 img 8

The site itself:

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Team Dynasty Banished from TWL Town.
  Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007 at 01:42:36 AM | -doNka-
  Apparently we still have some kids lagging 2 years behind the times when hacking was cool. From unconfirmed sources the team takes roots in servers with previous versions of wolf and has seream on their roster. Details hopefully in comments section.

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 6 BEACH
  Posted on Friday, May 4, 2007 at 07:22:07 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

To address the dozen emails I received from players "disappointed" that they didn't make the last .gif (it was team founders last week btw), I've included everyone in this week's enormous landing craft...

Week 6:
Default Date: Thursday, May 10, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt
Please update all match servers with the new Shrub Config

Syndicate vs. CriticaL IMPulse

tTt vs. ECGN

nG vs. Dynasty

SS Frogmen vs. PACO

RCMP vs. =AFA=

!tH! vs. ASC

-[x]-TremeSold!ers2 vs. TnA

It’s ur birfday vs. #2

-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage vs. =TAO=


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Some Crazy Internets Sh*t about Planet-RTCW and Wippuh....
  Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 12:38:23 AM | -doNka-
  I've been trying to follow some leads from Planet-RTCW logs and something totally ridiculous caught my attention. Some half-dead site is bashing Wippuh for I quote, "attempting to fraudulently obtain money from the Wolfenstein community".

To sum up the content:
The author talks about a news item posted by Wippuh a while ago in which he asks for charity donations. Then author claims that Wippuh is a con man and explains why he thinks so.

Read full thing here:

The rest of the site is pretty entertaining too.

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Internets Kiddie Gets Owned IRL
  Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 04:45:42 PM | -doNka-
  Bronco Carson, a World of Warcraft player from Mexico, reported to police on Saturday that three men broke into his home and beat his arms with clubs and totalled his computer. The reason? Carson had been repeatedly ganking the WoW character of the wife of one of his assailants.


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Shrub Lucky 7: Titanic Collision on WTV
  Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 at 06:19:48 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

The titanic collision of the only remaining undefeated teams is set for tonight on WTV:

Syndicate.Soldiers vs. Team Trinity
WTV Server:
The server will be up at 9:00est with the match starting at 10:00est

If I had more time, I'd have shown Caffeine clinging to drift wood while I tred water just long enough for our loving exchange...

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 5 mp_base
  Posted on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 12:58:12 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Week 5:
Map: mp_base
Default Date: Thursday, May 3, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt
Please update all match servers with the new Shrub Config

Syndicate vs. ECGN

tTt vs. nG

SS Frogmen vs. =AFA=

PACO vs. Dynasty

CriticaL IMPulse vs.-[x]-TremeSold!ers2


!tH! vs. It’s ur birfday

-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage vs. Peice of Dookie



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RSS Feed Reminder
  Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 12:43:36 AM | -doNka-
This site has RSS feed that you can add to google, yahooo, or whatever rss reader you are using.

Here it is:

At this moment, it doesn't include much more than a news title and a number of comments per item. There're a few things one can do with RSS, so if you have any suggestions bring them to the table and we'll see what we can add to the current setup.

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 4 TE_Mitchelldown
  Posted on Friday, April 20, 2007 at 10:01:11 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Week 4: Map: te_mitchellDown
Default Date: Thursday, April 26, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt
Please update all match servers with the new Shrub Config

Syndicate vs. tTt

ECGN vs. CriticaL IMPulse

nG vs. vs. PACO

RCMP vs. SS Frogmen

TnA vs. Dynasty

!tH! vs. -[x]-TremeSold!ers2

-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage vs. =AFA=

It’s ur birfday vs. =TAO=


Fatal Exucution vs. Peice of DooDoo

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ETQW Beta Test Review by QW.Se
  Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 05:46:13 PM | -doNka-
  Here's one of the first beta test reviews about actualy gameplay aspects in ETQW. It goes over some important ingridients like aim, class usage and interference, and overall playability. Now that more and more people have access to ETQW we will see reviews popping up like mushrooms.

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 3 Village
  Posted on Monday, April 16, 2007 at 07:14:46 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Week 3:
Default Date: Thursday, April 19, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt
Please update all match servers with the new Shrub Config

CriticaL IMPulse vs. tTt

nG vs. Syndicate

ECGN vs. -[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage

-[x]-TremeSold!ers2 vs. PACO

RCMP vs. TnA

!tH! vs. SS Frogmen

Dynasty vs. It’s ur birfday

=TAO= vs. ASC

=AFA= vs. Team Fuzion

FINAO vs. Peice of PooPoo

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 2 ICE
  Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 09:12:01 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Week 2:
Default Date: Thursday, April 12, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt
Please update all match servers with the new Shrub Config

-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage vs. CriticaL IMPulse

ECGN vs. nG

PACO vs. Syndicate

TnA vs. tTt

-[x]-TremeSold!ers2 vs. ASC


It’s ur birfdaye vs. RCMP

=TAO= vs. !tH!

Dynasty vs. Fatal Exucution

Team Fuzion vs. SS Frogmen

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TWL Shrub Results
  Posted on Friday, April 6, 2007 at 09:54:53 AM | -doNka-
Match Date: Thursday, April 5, 2007
Map: FooFighter

*--[fruitcakes] vs. )nG( 0 - 3
vs. -ASC- 3 - 0
vs. Syndicate. 0 - 3
vs. CI 0 - 3
vs. FINAO 3 - 0
vs. .:. 0 - 3
vs. Tn4 0 - 3
vs. .[ ] 3 - 0

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TWL Shrub Lucky 7: Week 1 UFO
  Posted on Monday, April 2, 2007 at 07:03:04 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Week 1:
Default Date: Thursday, April 5, 2007
Default Time: 10:00 edt
Please update all match servers with the new Shrub Config

-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage vs. ASC

-[x]-TremeSold!ers2 vs. Syndicate

=AFA= vs. CriticaL IMPulse


It’s ur birfdaye vs. nG


=TAO= vs. TnA

!tH! vs. tTt

Fatal Exucution - BYE

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  Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 at 07:15:08 PM | .Banks
  As alot of you know, last year, during BOB3, I had a lan/get together at my house. Several great friends and players showed up. Militant, Sage, Odin from arise, knight and I drank, and grilled, and lanned for two days straight. This year, during July, I wanna do the same thing again. Probably a long weekend type thing. For those of you that are interested, I live just north of Baltimore in Bel air(go to #banksbuddies on irc and pm me for more info). You can either p2p me, or call me on my cell anytime 443 910 0877. Name is Jason. Althought, most of you still call me Banks when you call me for some odd reason lol. This is nothing more, than just getting together, chillin, gettin a weeeeeee bit toasted, and talking bout things we all love. RTCW!!!

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Shrub Lucky 7 POSTPONED one week...
  Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 05:23:36 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

We are happy to see 19 teams signed up for the new shrub league. 14 teams have enough players to start the season while 5 need additions:

Unknown_Entity Members 1
|DaRk| Members 1
-[x]-TremeSold!ers2 Members 2
teh leat spehllzorz groupe Members 1
-[x]-Treme $oldier$ - Triple Dome Rage Members 3

Fatal Exucut!on, champs of the small town spelling bee, have advised that they are looking for additions to their 5 man roster


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  Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 06:02:07 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

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TWL Shrub Lucky Season 7
  Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 10:15:08 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL

Signups are open.

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Movie Making Mod for RTCW!
  Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 02:21:44 PM | -doNka-
  Great news for anyone who's thinking about laying down their weapons to make a movie about past glorious days. RTCW finally got it's own mod with Camtrace3D support. The mod also includes well known feature such as freecam and other miscellaneous stuff you can read about here:

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Searching For Site Content.
  Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 07:08:45 PM | -doNka-
  NA.RTCW is having that time of the year when the activity is not as great due to filler time between competition seasons. There's simply not much to write in the times like these, so I'd like to turn to our small, but strong community for support. This is a good time to step out of the generally inactive crowd with some creativity and enthusiasm. Is there an article you always wanted to write to bring up a discussion? Some old screenshots saved on your hard drive? Some other unthinkable project ideas that have been eating you forever? It's a good time to submit them now. Just use your judgement and make sure that your news/article/POW is somewhat Wolfenstein related.(Please don't try to sell laptops here like spiza).

Banks have submitted an article, that I hope will not go unnoticed:

If you have some project in mind, but you're not sure if your effort will not duplicate someone elses existing/upcoming work you can talk to me or make a comment about it in most discussed news item(not sure who uses forums around here).

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Best Competition Ever?
  Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 12:38:02 AM | -doNka-
  ET center is having unique type of competition in development. It's a duel tournament between players who don't have to be any good in ET to begin with. The even is simply called "The fight for the most hated player" and it features certain characters who qualified due to qualities other than gaming skills.
Check it out at ET-Center:


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QuakeCon Registration (BYOC FULL*)
  Posted on Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 04:47:01 PM | -doNka-
  Better late than never. It's 12 hours since it opened and I was still able to register, which is amazing for QuakeCon registration. In previous years it usually filled up in 5 minutes.

Since registration began on Friday evening, we have had over 3500 people sign up from 29 countries. And as of last night, we filled all spots reserved for the BYOC.


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Is There a Link Between Gaming and Violence?
  Posted on Friday, March 2, 2007 at 06:04:31 PM | -doNka-
  The officials are still trying hard to analyze and prevent random school shootings and related freak incidents of that nature. There's a small article(with links) that has been getting some attention recently. It breifly explains how and why gaming is being blamed for violence by the government and social workers.

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Team HighBot would like their Battle for Berlin prizes
  Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 03:50:51 AM | DynoSauR
  I have been in contact with a concerned humM3L of Team HighBot for more than the past two months and it's finally come to the point that he wanted me to publicly ask when they could expect to receive their hard earned prizes? I know that he has directly asked Mortal and I have as well and haven't gotten any kind of definite answer.


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Season Runnner Up - Warchild Under The Spotlight.
  Posted on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 09:32:21 PM | -doNka-
  Looks like highlife/blur-warchild was busted with silo bot a day after the TWL OSP finals.

Here's a piece from Dyno:

I certainly didn't want to see this violation and was saddened when considering it's ramifications. I don't doubt that we will hear from warchild saying it was one of his other family members. I know we've heard this before and I would be inclined to believe warchild since his name has not been used with that GUID for a long time.

Read full post:

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Trinity is TWL OSP 13 Champion.
  Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 05:56:09 AM | -doNka-
  Trinity beat Highlife tonight in series of 4 games on Frostbite.

Round 1: Half round time set by trinity, Highlife beats it.
Round 2: Trinity holds 7:20 and caps
Round 3: Trinity Caps in 4:03, holds.
Round 4: Trinity full holds, caps.

Trinity: bigshot, cade, elusive, myth, robez, sucka
Highlife: Alien, ding, oot, ownage, silentstorm, tyson, warchild

I'd like to thank everyone who particapated in this season, especially TWL staff for keeping it together. Special mention to Gromit for quality announcements on planet-rtcw.

Stay tuned on next season announcement. I'd recommend EVERYONE who is interested to see naked wednesdays to last one more season to go and make your voice heard on TWL forums.

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