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RTCW Competition History

Posted by: SyndicateGromit|TWL (Friday, June 22, 2007)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Competition History


August 2001

RTCW showcased at Qcon 2001

October 2001

Return to Castle Wolfenstien Demo released

November 2001

Return to Castle Wolfenstien Retail released 11-21-01

December 2001

STA RTCW Opens Shop (Head Admin: RalphTheNader)
Hosting a Title Holder Format for several “seasons”. Later would switch to a “regular season” format to conform with Clanbase, TWL and CAL.

February 2002

TWL Blitzturniere Champion - VuP
RTCW Nations CUP 1 - Sweden defeats Finland 3 - 1 on beach & village

March 2002

Battle of the Beach 1
BOB 1 Champions - D|S (Valdez,Shaftian,Shogun,Jones,Sh4ms,Ioneye,Sergihoe,Kristoff) defeats Dr's 3 - 2 on Beach (7's)

Wippuh: This included one of the doctors using a nade spam exploit that was fixed in a later patch. The semis were on assault, where Dr.’s narrowly defeated III 3-2 and D|S defeated dT 3-1
BoB1 was also a large factor in how placement for CAL-I was done.
Both The Professionals and Cult of Hands got to the final 8 and were invited to CAL-I despite being CAL-m level teams.

RTCW Open Cup Europe - MoralDecay (Keen,Summ3l,Ivve,SoD!,Radical,Init) defeats Broken 7 - 5 beach,village,assault

April 2002

Cyber Athlete League RTCW season 1

Season 1 CAL Champions - D|S (Valdez,Shaftian,Shogun,Jones,Sh4ms,Ioneye,Sergihoe,Kristoff) defeats phx 5 - 1 on village (7's)

Donka: In preparation for upcoming huge LAN event, the almighty DarkSide’s core breaks off to wear pretty cK tags that were the hottest tags in the gaming world at that moment.

Wippuh: This match included a ping attack delaying its start for 2 hours ?!


July 2002

CAL RTCW - OSP 3 divisions for season 2. Invite,Main & Open

Season 2 CAL Invite Champions - Abuse (Quancer,Lantern,Method,Cujo,Rimshot & Citizen) defeats Drs 3 - 2 on Assault (6's)

Season 2 CAL Main Champions - nyX ( EventHorizon,Dosey,Divbyzero,RQuasar,Cyno,Jericho,AK,Elmos,Jubei,Fookin ) defeats cF 3 - 0 on Assault (7's)

Season 2 CAL Open Champions - FearUs defeats LQD 3 - 0 on beach (7's)

Wippuh: There were 3 Groups of Open , Atlantic , Central and Pacific .
The 3 winners were LQD, Wat? And FU .The finals for CAL-I were 6's and included nice work by abuse's pf, Cujo?

There was a nice video made by Citizen of the overall strategy and feel of the match. The change was due to the announcement of Qcon.

Main and Open stayed 7’s. TWL still briefly rocked the 8’s!!!

RTCW Nations CUP 2 - Sweden defeats Italy 3 - 0 on village & beach
August 2002
Qcon02 Champions - Dr's (George,Wombat,Relevant,Gusto,Arkrine,W!seguy) defeat iN 3 - 1 on Ice

Donka: Post quakecon syndrome goes in effect. Best RTCW teams part the game leaving a lot of room for 2nd tier teams and new comers.

Wippuh: Ice was not in competition in Europe at the time, so the NA teams had a huge advantage here. Dr’s are still the best team to ever play the game imo.

Also, I remember some very intense demos of matches played on sub (D|S vs Ocrana?), including iN’s loss to affliction comprised mostly of the q3 affliction players.

Never forget, cK-shogun’s classic qcon vid!

December 2002

CAL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 3. Main & Open
Season 3 CAL Main Champions - NARF (Da_G,Lynch,Cyno,Warkrime,Spike,Rev) defeats dT 3 - 2 on Ice

Wippuh: It’s fun to talk about which was a better rivalry. NARF vs dT/-a- or dT/-a- vs D|S !?

Season 3 CAL Open Champions - 82nd (Khan,Warrior,Nightwolf,Chaos,Dual32,Polo) defeats xTc 3 - 2 on Ice

TWL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 1. Alpha & Beta
Season 1 TWL Alpha Champions - Uprise (Korollary,Nok,Cash,EventHorizon) defeats 82nd 3 - 2 on Ice
Season 1 TWL Beta Champions - qantumFlux
(Icehawk,Justice) defeats Sanrio on Asault

Wippuh: I always felt that this match was crap. qF was Justice and maybe one or two others from Paradigm Shift, a team from CAL-Invite.

Season 1 STA OSP Champions - ADMINCLAN defeats qF 3 - 0
RTCW Open Cup Europe - PlanB (Ben,Crapa,Delux,bajo,anhe,Johnstar,weak,viros,n2y) defeats Exido ____________________________________________________________________________

February 2003
RTCW Nations CUP 3 - Sweden defeats Poland 3 - 0 on village & ice
Planet-RTCW comes online

April 2003
CAL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 4. Main & Open
Season 4 CAL Main Champions - NARF (Da_G, Lynch,BeavermanA,Obliv,Warkrime,Spike) defeats dT 3 - 1 - 1 on Beach

Season 4 CAL Open Champions - Redemption (Steigl,Gnomish,Fenix,Madnessriot,Paper,Hova,Juliebean)defeats Outsiders 3 - 2 on Beach

Wippuh: Open still has east , west & central divisions.

It may have been Outsiders semi’s match in which s!lo was so convinced that was hacking that he went out and made his own hack.

Donka: According to members of redemption they scrimmed 5 hours a night on their way to CAL-O championship.

Brian & K split from dominant east coast Death Touch to dump the dead weight of dT2 and to reform under respected name of affliction.

TWL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 2. Alpha & Beta
Season 2 TWL Alpha Champions - HV (Vjason,Ryzer,Deftone,Silence,Grimdeath,SilentStorm,Xav) defeats Uprise on 3 - 0 Ice
Season 2 TWL Beta Champions - EoD (Anialatem,Saleen,Troll,Opio,Stormrider,Underdawg) defeats 7angels 3 - 0 on Beach
May 2003
Battle of the Beach 2
BOB 2 Champions - -a- (Brian,Chrome,Decka,Hollywood,Illumina,Nail) defeats NARF 3 - 0 on Beach
Wippuh: I believe that for winning this matchup, dT/-a- got the Gamecubes? It was a massive letdown, the finals that is, as -a- ran NARF pretty hard.

Donka: Affliction revises their panzer strat and beats NARF when it matters. GameCubes go on sale.

Season 2 STA OSP Champions - Spy (loYalguArd,CaQruBBioR) defeats BYE! 3 - 0

Virus047: Loyalguard and company defeat a very solid BYE! team in the finals.

BYE! finished the regular season 9-1(while *SPY* finished 8-2). STA played 10 week regular seasons and remained 7v7 format until Season #4.
June 2003
RTCW Open Cup Europe - Rage (Bonehead,Enril,Pui,Sengo,Mariano,Redcrow,Jaco) defeats InFront 2 - 1 on assault & village
RTCW EUROCUP - Rewind defeats SNAPS
RTCW Nations CUP 4 - Holland defeats Belgium
July 2003
CAL RTCW - OSP - 3 divisions for season 5. Invite,Main & Open
Season 5 CAL Invite Champions - NARF (Lynch, BeavermanA, Obliv, Da_G, Warkrime, Immortal) defeats fX 3 - 2 on Ice
Season 5 CAL Main Champions - Exodus (Stiegl, Madness,Mario,Luigi,Riot,Cykass) defeats dh 3 - 0 on Ice
Season 5 CAL Open Champions - GLOW (Dirty,Valentine,Spaniard) defeats Comm 3 - 1 on base

Donka: This season could be labeled as rising of WaRRioR and affiliates. Warrior leaves darkside to help out their old 82nd buddies to form the most headshot whoring team known in RTCW.

That team renames countless times including European rewind, and CS United5, finally getting stuck with their original team fX label.

Sharp: In my oppinion this was ]NARF['s best lineup. Beaver, Obliv, Da_G, War, and Immortal are all excelent aimers. Lynch was ok, but his claim to fame was that panzer (good at pistol too). Good game ]NARF[.

TWL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 3. Alpha & Beta
Season 3 TWL Alpha Champions - immortals (Hartman,Crucial,Bob,Death,Wesley,Dsc,Excero,50cent) defeats Arise 3 - 0 on Ice
Season 3 TWL Beta Champions - TV (Nazgul,Dynosaur,KrazyKaze) defeats eggnog squad

Donka: TWL semifinals record hold, perhaps, one of the earliest cases of pulling a rule book.

Shatter of team Arise complained about a player on opposing team (K’Spawn ex-LQD) having a second account in TWL on team liquid. Even though the account was simply lost and forgotten, match result was overturned and Arise moved into finals after a 3-2 loss to kinetic. Term “pulled a shatter” stuck around for a while.

KrAzYkAzE: TWL Beta finals was a great match between Tv and ES on base. First round Tv set a time of 9:09 and ES beats the time with 3:47. Second round ES sets a time of 5:11 and Tv beats it with 3:42. Third round Tv sets time of 4:12 and holds. Fourth round ES sets time of 4:21 and Tv beats the time with 2:10 to win championship. It was a really fun season. Tv went undefeated 8-0 season and 4-0 playoffs.
August 2003
Qcon03 Champions - iN (Darkie,Hombre,Keen,SoD,Spear,Civ,Summ3L,Zam,Wuff,Sweet,Radical)defeats GMPO 3 - 1 on Assault

Donka: Dark times on RTCW start with the end of the QuakeCon03.
Neither of American superstar teams got into finals. WaRRioR did not prove himself on LAN. NARF, 3 times CAL champion, was crushed on all counts. This is the time when both, hacking and witchhunt for hackers, develop at incredible pace.

Most of the good, LAN proven, RTCW players left the game burnt out immediately after QuakeCon leaving the top of the mountain to whoever gets a first headshot. RTCW community experiences massive Canadian gangs invasion.

Wippuh: Affliction, in a big surprise move, didn’t play in CAL before qcon03, came in mostly overlooked, yet placed 3rd. The superstar ringer teams disappointed despite Frontline beating GMPO on ice in the first round. So much was focused on the first two maps that the NA players overlooked village, where the Europeans cleaned house.

Online Gamers Guild 1 day tournament: dT (Brian, Chrome, Dimmak, Hollywood, Illumina, Nail) defeats Narf 3-1 on base and cK 3-1 on Chateau

Wippuh: I forget what the winnings were for this, but I want to say it involved a video card?
Hollywood: 5 asus a7n8x deluxe motherboards and 4 asus 4200 video cards.
October 2003
Season 3 STA OSP Champions - TribalValor (Nazgul,Dynosaur,KrazyKaze,Kulumbus,Horizon) defeats Rag. 3 - 2 on Base

Virus047: I was accepted into the Admin Staff of STA OSP. Joining Skrappa and Chackazz as admins where I pushed for STA OSP to use the same maps and configs as TWL/CAL. Which we later did to help boost attendance/support for the league.

November 2003

CAL RTCW - OSP- 3 divisions for season 6. Invite,Main & Open

Season 6 CAL Invite Champions - TRO (Robez,Moosho,Pissclams,Slaya,Blackmajic,Cade,G-thug) defeats ICF 3 - 2 on ice
Donka: ICF rolls to the finals by continuously exercising rulebook defenses in matches against Kinetic and Affliction. Slaya(TRO) is born.

Hollywood: -a- got dq'ed because they played illumina who was not on the roster. -a- defeats tTt 3-0 on ice.

Robes: The Rageing Octopi become reigning CAL-I champs.

Season 6 CAL Main Champions - aln (Roadkill,Hellfish,Alienware,Vitriol,Bongwater,Juventus) defeats UGB 3 - 1 on Ice
Virus047: One of the feel good stories of RTCW.
I remember aln started the season very poorly and had a fairly strong finish which carried over into the playoffs.

Their determination to win helped them overcome early regular season failures and produce one of the better runs in RTCW history to win a championship.
KrAzYkAzE: This was a good season for Tv. We were up on ALN on assult 2-0 in the playoffs and they came back to win the match and the championship. Should have been Tv’s championship imo J

Season 6 CAL Open Champions - $uperHeros (InvisibleMan,$pec_0pZ,TimeBomb,PuffMyDragon,Wolverine,Transit) defeats oTc 3 - 2 on Ice

Virus047: Little oTc (huge underdogs) collected the support from the majority of the RTCW community and nearly pulled off the upset over SuperHeros and Friends in the finals. Very good match. Some clutch doc runs by oTc.

Donka: Era of Invisible Man. Delayed attacks, colored multi page posts, witch hunt extreme and, most importantly - FR1eN@s.

Wippuh: IMO, the worst team to ever win open, in terms of how good they actually were.

TWL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 4. Alpha & Beta
Season 4 TWL Alpha Champions - fX (Warrior, Nightwolf, Impulse, Wyldcard, Reaper, Vatican) defeats tTt

Donka: Hacking was real. fX left CAL after the WildCard incident.

Season 4 TWL Beta Champions - OPP (Baby,Slaya,Lucky,Hooligan,Hydro,Word) defeats SoS 3 - 0 on Ice
Season 4 TWL Gamma Champions - HkC defeats GFU 3 - 2 on Ice
December 2003
RTCW Open Cup Europe - KnightsofDeath (Aloc,JanCiper,Stranger,Viddi,Xtrem) defeats P!mps
RTCW EUROCUP - SurrenderOrDie defeats Kreaturen
January 2004
Cyber X Games.

Donka: The world of e-sports and competitive video gaming learned a lot this time around, but RTCW world learned even more. It learned all about the man who created delayed attacks, and went undefeated at the event that hasn’t hosted a single RTCW match. His name is Invisible Man.
Specops appears on the horizon.

Sharp: Second day they had "technical issues", and the rest of the competitions were cancelled. Teams that were there for RTCW included, but are not limited to u5, 4 kings, Amish, tTt, GLOW?
February 2004
TGT2 Tournament Begins!

Virus047: TGT2 was a little but very competitive tournament consisting of a 5 week regular season and playoffs.

Members from teams M8s, Ni!, Team Cross Breed, Distress, , Phoenix Rising, Texas Rangers and several others were split up into new teams. Thus giving a very unique experience to gaming with new players in this tourney. It was coordinated by SRDG.

March 2004
Season 4 STA OSP Champions - TribalValor (Nazgul,Dynosaur,KrazyKaze,Hiki,Kulumbus,Horizon) defeats .com Base2
True Gaming Tournament 2 Champions – TDQ (Elderly,HanoverFist,Jadefalcon,Kronk,Likethat,SilverKobra,SlammeR,SourKraut) defeats Alcoholics Anonymous A.A.
April 2004
CAL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 7. Main & Open
Season 7 CAL Main Champions - Exodus (Stiegl,Madness,Mario,Luigi,Riot,Cykass) defeats sMn 3 - 2 on Base

Donka: Era of SpecOpz. “gimme sum jack” and “camp the nook”, and all the other lexicon that can be associated with this man who becomes the godfather of Wolf in the entire year of 2004.

Covert Ops server gives a birth to a small sub-community that can be called an All-Star shop. Several of its members unite to create an unusual force – sMn.
Season 7 CAL Open Champions - ghettoPimps (Nayeen,Common,Shoosh,Hoohaa)defeats Canada 3 - 0 on Base

Wippuh: Not the beginning of the sandbag routine, but Cananda, led by Kuniva had the strat of not scrimming at all during the season and then working very hard once they got into the playoffs. It worked and a lot of people mimicked it.

Donka: This match was mostly famous for server crashing controversy. Every time Team Canada would have a 7 minute hold, the server would crash, and ghettoPimps steal the replay round.

Virus047: ghettoPimps beats Closing Time (2am) who was a powerhouse with a lot of talent on the way to there eventual championship in the playoffs. No one predicted 2am to drop this match and was a huge upset in my opinion. Nayeen had a 6 man panzer shot in the finals on WTV. Very classic.
TWL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 5. Alpha & Beta
Season 5 TWL Alpha Champions - ICF (Rob,Xpire,Warzone,Cypher,Korey,Johann) defeats EoD 3 - 0 on Base
Season 5 TWL Beta Champions - forgottenKings ( Boo7y,Covert,Diaz,Jones,Capone,Jujitsu,Inya ) defeats nG 3 - 1 on Base
June 2004
RTCW Nations CUP 5 - Holland defeats Belgium
July 2004
Season 5 STA OSP Champions - Reformation defeats MadeMen 3 - 2 - 1 on village

KrAzYkAzE: This should have been Tv vs. Reformation. I was in the semifinals match vs. M2 along with the other Tv guys. We were up 2-0 on ice and I had to leave the match for some other league going on at the time. M2 came back and to win 3-2. I wish I would have stayed. I think this was when I played on Star in CAL/TWL and we had a playoff match the same night.

Virus047: Eventual STA Season #5 Champs Reformation split off from Commission and storm STA OSP going 10-1 (including the playoffs) to win the championship. Beating some very formidable teams along the way in (MadeMen, IronWarriors, Commission and Team Cross Breed). Perhaps the best season in STA RTCW History.

STA OSP actively attempted to work with CAL and TWL to catch hackers. League wide bans began taking place. Banned in TWL or CAL = Banned in STA.
August 2004
CAL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 8. Main & Open
Season 8 CAL Main Champions - fX (Brian, Rambo, Serbian, Vatican, Slaya,Militant) defeats Goggles 3 - 0 on Assault
Season 8 CAL Open Champions - v| (Animal,Caff,Ltgoose,Troll,Eights,Paladin)defeats oX 3 - 2 on Assault
TWL RtCW - OSP - 2 divisions for season 6. Alpha & Beta
Season 6 TWL Alpha Champions - fX (Brian, Rambo, Serbian, Vatican, Slaya,Militant) defeats Distress 3 - 0 on Assault
Season 6 TWL Beta Champions - v| (Animal,Caff,Ltgoose,Troll,Eights,Paladin) defeats m2 3 - 1 on Assault
RTCW Open Cup Europe - KnightsofDeath (Aloc,JanCiper,Stranger,Viddi,Xtrem) defeats Nameless
October 2004
TGT3 Tournament Begins!

Virus047: Because the first two tournaments were so widely successful TGT3 was announced. Members from teams like F1, WFL, 4H and Resurrection join the fray. TGT3 was widely successful due to the efforts of SRDG who helped setup a very competitive and fun tournament.
November 2004
Season 9 CAL OSP Champions - fX (Brian,Hollywood,Rambo,Serbian,Vatican,Slaya) defeats sMn 3 - 0 on Beach
Season 7 TWL OSP Champions - sMn (Warzone,Alpha,Mindgame,Opz,Multitask,Conf,Warrior) defeats BWG 3 - 0 on Beach
True Gaming Tournament 3 Champions – Fruit Flies (Virus047,Fuzz,Lice,Janus,SilverKobra,CatSpit,Force,GopherGuts,BigBadBanna) defeats Rebel Alliance*

Donka: Affliction returns only to be defeated by random teams. Warrior leaves fX and re-creates sMn. fX replenishes the roster hole with silo and fusion. October 2004 – Silo gets caught.

Affliction breaks up to fill rosters of fx(Hollywood and brian) and eXecutives(decka and nail). Specops joins splash My nuts. This was not the last case when a man traded in his legacy and a vent server for a place on a top team.

Virus047: TGT3 Champions Fruit Flies () steamroll through the competition going 5-0 in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs. Dropping only two rounds all season.
December 2004
Season 6 STA OSP Champions - Flatline (Mutha,Alphaneo,Opz,Vid,Digital,Militant,Multitask,Sage,Eternal) defeats TV 3 - 2 on Frostbite

KrAzYkAzE: Wow, this was good match. I remember it the most because Specopz bragged about beating us for the buzzard. LOL!

RTCW Open Cup Europe - emaHo (Darkie,Hombre,Keen,Serbian,SoD,Spear,Civ,Summ3L,Zam,Wuff,Sweet,Radical) defeats Kno i Horn
February 2005

Season 8 TWL OSP Champions - Metal Gawdz (AlphaNeo,Serbian,Vatican,Warzone,Saladin,SpecOpz) defeats Fear Us

Season 1 TWL Shrub Champions - Hair Pullers ( Coff1,Kep,Robes,Vid,Rambo,Spuddy,Paladin,Kep,Mutha,Pissclams ) defeats ASF 3 - 0

Robes: Hairpullers use the voltron d in the finals. Pull Free Vibes~~~ Pull Free? Can Be!

RTCW Nations CUP 6 - Holland defeats Belgium
March 2005
Season 7 STA OSP Champions - Flatline (Mutha,Alphaneo,Opz,Vid,Digital,Militant,Sage) defeats NoX 3 - 0 on Final Stand

Virus047: Flatline wins second STA OSP season in a row (Back 2 Back Champs).
April 2005
Season 1 STA Shrub Champions - Syndicate-Soldiers (Gotcha!,Luna,Debussy,Herbman,Doc,Ck,Talbot,Rap,Karpov,Leafie)defeats nJ 3 - 0 on Base
RTCW Open Cup Europe - (Fr4,Igor,Insi,Kraft,Maki,Ozzy) defeats UDS

Donka: April fools with alphaneo getting caught aimbotting. Planet-RTCW generates above 1000 comments over night.

Also, dozens of broken hearts and gallons of human tears. Wippuh gets kicked from CAL for playing along and banning the whole alphaneo’s team.

Producers: alphaneo, donka, gisele, pissclams.

Wippuh: Good times! Classic April Fool’s joke!

I would like to take this time to point out a massively overlooked portion of wolf’s history.

It was shortly before this time that Pissclams stopped adminning in CAL. He ran the majority of CAL for nearly 2 years and really kept it stable. Along with Rahl in TWL, he provided a base that so many people simply don’t appreciate enough.

I saw the hard work he put in behind the scenes with his adminning duties, camming and being a general great person to promote the game from within. HUGE loss when he stepped down. Combine this with people who simply cannot fathom the fact that other players/teams are better than them and you have the rapid decline of wolf.
June 2005
Season 10 CAL OSP Champions - fX (Alpha,Rambo,Serbian,Slaya,Vatican,Warzone) defeats Inertia on village

KrAzYkAzE: This was a good match. It sucked for us (Inertia) because Mutha couldn’t play. He had a 300+ ping that entire month of the playoffs. I think if he would have played, the match would have been 3-2 either way imo.

Season 9 TWL OSP Champions - TV (Donka,Elliott,Hikikomori,Krazykaze,Rambowl,Plex) defeats Metal Gawdz on village

Donka: Metal Gawds was a distorted version of fX built and led by specops. It featured four fX members: AlphaNeo, Serbian, Vatican, and Warzone with addition of specops himself and saladin. After 2 hours of struggle, Metal Gawds receive a devastating loss after which fX members decided to quit wolf. That was also the last team Specops led through an entire season.

KrAzYkAzE: This was probably the funnest RtCW match I ever played in. I don’t think I could have played any better as an individual and our teamwork was superb. It felt really good to beat them because the same guys beat us in the CAL finals the night before.

Season 2 TWL Shrub Champions - N4L (Militant,Warzone,Focker,Coff1,Banks,Dyno,Evil,Branmuffin,Mutha ) defeats True Soldiers on Chateau 3 - 0
RTCW Open Cup Europe - ViB (Arno,Didjay,edge,Enki,Kritos,Max,Maxuh,Momo,Uzer) defeats natalie 5 - 3 Frostbite,base,village.
July 2005
Season 2 STA Shrub Champions - The Swat Guys (Hotniks,Golfpro,Hunaryun,Feltersnatch,Holz,Heckler) defeats -|SS|- 3 - 1 on tundra

Talbot: SS got screwed out of this championship, we got forced to play on a server where we all pinged well over a 100.
August 2005
RTCW Nations CUP 7 - United Kingdom defeats Germany 4 - 0
October 2005
Wolfenstock 1 Day tournament Exodus (Fuzion,Imposter,Hiki,Luigi,Slaya,Naevara,Fenix,Twrecka,Pheonix) defeats tehbirds 3 - 0 on beach
November 2005
Season 10 TWL OSP Champions - TV (Donka,Dyno,Elliot,Alias,Hiki,KrazyKaze,Rambowl) defeats Mongoloids 3 - 0 on Beach

Donka: LuckyB tells admins that his ip shows up on MBL due to his hacking nephew.

Issue goes public and luckyB gets a boot from RTCW overturning all exodus’ wins in playoffs

Season 3 TWL Shrub Champions - Xtreme Soldiers (Badman,Forsaken,Surge,Deadeye,Banger,Spliff,Madness) defeats ASF 3 - 0 on Base

Talbot: X played extremely well and earned their shrub championship, they beat SS 3-2 in the semis before rolling over ASF in the finals.

Syndicate.Gromit|TWL: Wasn’t this the season where Syndicate.Soldiers beat X and N4L beat ASF in the Semis but both matches were replayed with opposite results because WTV was live instead of delayed?
February 2006
RTCW Open Cup Europe - Svperfrogs (Arno,Cerv,Edge,Kritos,Max,Maxuh,Momo,Mote,Uzer) defeats one.soldier
April 2006
Season 11 TWL OSP Champions - Teh Birdz (Caffiene,Mutha,Spuddy,Troll,Sonic,Mesh,Eights,Lt.Goose) defeats Jolly Rogers 3 - 2 on Beach
Season 4 TWL Shrub Champions - Syndicate-Soldiers (Luna,Debussy,Doc,Ck,Talbot,Rap,Karpov,G-force,Aiko,Gromit,Booty) defeats C1 3 - 2 on tundra

Talbot: SS came back from 2-1 to win an extremely close championship 3 - 2 .

June 2006
Battle of the Beach 3
BOB 3 Champions - wSw (Remedy,Slaya,Slag,Beavermania,Elusion,Daized) defeats Exodus 3 - 0 on beach
Wippuh: A match where even the RtCW fanboys were rooting for u5.

Donka: United5 comes to RTCW to defeat birds and does it on RTCW original birds favorite map 3-0.

This is the largest registered transfer of bragging rights to ever happen in RTCW.

Virus047: BOB3 marks one of several minor revivals of the RTCW community throughout the years.
Hollywood (from Affliction) sparks interest and with the help of TWL and several other community members gets the tourney underway.

Several notable teams and community members return to RTCW for the tournament. Interest in BOB 3 Tournament revives interest in OSP Community and TWL announces Season #12 of OSP. Over 40 teams signup to compete. OSP pubs including Hells Gate return in full force.

Syndicate.Gromit|TWL: I remember 2 things most vividly:
1) agonizing over the team seeding which, with the return of so many talented players, was done subjectively; and
2) the semifinals match Donka mentioned above. The Birdz allowed a banned player to play for U5 thinking that, regardless of who played, the Birdz would win. TWL informed both teams pre-match that if a banned player played for U5, the Birdz would move on to the finals by forfeit. The teams played anyway and Birdz were rolled on Beach. In the Finals, the Birdz refused to play so TWL decided to let U5 play for the title. U5 forfeited. All in all, it was a remarkably crappy way to end a great tournament.
July 2006
Season 5 TWL Shrub Champions - Syndicate-Soldiers (Alien,Booty,CK,Debussy,Doc,G-Force,Gromit,Inya,Karpov,Mutha,Rap,Scrilla,Talbot,Warlord)
defeats oN 3 - 0 on UFO

Syndicate.Gromit|TWL: A very strong season for Syndicate with Scrilla taking over the PF to free the rest of us up to gun. I think all our team members played a round in the finals.

Talbot: A special championshp for SS, we played 12 players from our roster for this match.
August 2006
Vixen Resigns as TWL RTCW Lead Admin

Virus047: Vixen could easily be credited by some as being one of the soul driving forces in TWL to keep RTCW afloat in its later stages when several higher up TWL admins wanted to pull the plug.

Her drive and determination to never give up on the RTCW community was something that was hard to find in any admin who’s ever worked in this community.

She was a personal friend and teammate of mine so I saw the countless hour she put forth to make TWL the best league possible. Regardless of personal opinion or feelings towards her it’s hard to ignore the effort and time she put towards the community.

Her loss was felt very deeply as TWL was knee deep in admin controversy for many seasons to come.
September 2006
Season 12 TWL OSP Champions - TV (Remedy,Slaya,Sage,Elusive,Serum,Rambo,Mofo,Dyno,SnipeTX) defeats Jolly Rogers by forfeit, Ice

KrAzYkAzE: Not the original TV by any means. I played on Rabia this season.

Talbot: TV took this win by forefeit and refused to reschedule...Suffice it to say they lost a lot of credibility after this win.

1) 24 team season with 16 team playoff format
2) Tv takes a forfeit win over Jolly Roger (Alien, Vid, Daniel, Word, Nard, Lunatic and Radea) after Jolly Roger squeaked by Syndicate in the Semis. HUGE disappointment as the WTV audience missed what would have been an excellent match between 2 teams with undefeated regular seasons.
3) Mid-season drama with the disputed Tv v Birdz match on sub (
4) Overall, it was an excellent revival season coming on the heels of BOB3.

November 2006
Battle For Berlin 3v3 Champions Hostile Inc. (Remedy,Slaya,Rambo,Serum) defeats Hummel

December 2006
Season 6 TWL Shrub Champions - Syndicate-Soldiers (Debussy,Doc,Ck,Rap,Talbot,Karpov,Gromit,Booty,Warlord,Inya,Scrilla,Mutha,Alien,Luna)
defeats I Love Lamp 3 - 0 on multiple maps

Talbot: Another match where SS got to play a dozen players from it's roster in a championship match.

February 2007
Season 13 TWL OSP Champions - Trinity (Cade,Sucka,Myth,Robez,Elusive,Bigshot,Rowdy,Chocula,Saleen,Lowtrack,Anomoly) deafeats High Life 3 - 1 on Frostbite

Robes: Numerous server crashes. tTt pulls out a win for the flock.
Talbot: Server crashers ruined the WTV and the match for the most part, for everyone

1) Another good OSP season with 18 teams and an 8 team playoff bracket.
2) Syndicate went 8-0 and Jolly Rgr 7-1, but after losing to both teams in the regular season, Trinity won the title.

June 2007
Season 7 TWL Shrub Champions - Syndicate-Soldiers (Booty,Karpov,Inya,Luna,Donka,DTA,Timmay,Aiko,Talbot) deafeats Paco 3 - 0 on Tundra

Talbot: SS wins their 4th straight shrub championship, a dynasty is born.

1) In an effort to increase the number of teams and add some elements of OSP into Shrub, TWL changed the format to 5v5, removed the 1st shot helmet protection and disabled trading heavy weapons.
2) These changes resulted in a 21 teams field with a 12 team playoff bracket.
3) It was a good season with competitive matches. Everyone enjoyed the changes or, at least, accepted them without much complaint. Congrats to everyone on this most recent season.


Thanks to: Talbot, Gromit, Wippuh, Donka, Robez, Hollywood, Sharp, KrazyKaze & Virus047 for adding commentary .

Syndicate.Gromit|TWL: MUCH thanks to Karpov for leading this project from start to finish. I imagine everyone can appreciate how much time and effort it took to complete the first chronicle of RTCW competitive history.

Also thx to Gotcha, Booty, DividedbyZero, EventHorizon, Fool, Sucka, Vixen, Juventus, Diaz, Rambowl, Vortex, Killermike, Flogzero, Sage, Coff1 & Caffeine for supplying info & help.

Please dont take it personally if I have inadvertently left your name off of a teams roster , some are incomplete.
I added as many names from each seasons roster as memory and research would allow. Karpov.

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  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 04:53:53 PM | -doNka- v | ^ | #
great piece of work Kar & Associates.

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 05:21:22 PM | caffeine v | ^ | #
i supplied info?

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 05:22:16 PM | caffeine v | ^ | #
you forgot the part where donka writes up a post about SS hacking, then joins their team a few seasons later OOPS

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 05:38:04 PM | -doNka- v | ^ | #
untrue, not gonna explain why

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 05:52:59 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL v | ^ | #
"Also thx to...& Caffeine for supplying info & help."

Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 01:21:22 PM | caffeine
i supplied info?

Well I suspect it wasn't "help" :)

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 06:36:41 PM | FuZioN)nG( v | ^ | #
Producers of April 1st: donka, gisele, alpha, wippuh & fuzion

don't try to say i wasnt a huge part of that

very nice post, i think alot were left out on rosters, but nice

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 06:38:10 PM | :+:VirUs047` v | ^ | #
I think Trinners was involved in that prank 2.

Good read though. I almost forgot about this! :) Wish it was in color like the orig .doc :) Perhaps Grom could host that and provide a link for everyone to read/download/save/store.

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 06:50:48 PM | FuZioN)nG( v | ^ | #
No, Trinners wasn't

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 07:38:14 PM | -doNka- v | ^ | #
just because you knew about it doesn't make you a producer

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 08:12:06 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL v | ^ | #
Link with colors:

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 08:40:17 PM | v1k!ngISCG v | ^ | #
I see wippuh's cock slobbering about Bert, but where is the whole thing about how Bert and Bob repeatedly played favorites and ran CAL into the ground? Then when called on it, they denied they were admins. Classic.

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 08:42:25 PM | v1k!ngISCG v | ^ | #
Oh and I didn't see anything about the failed continental domination tournament, unless I missed it. Pennsylvania obviously would have won anyway.

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 10:22:18 PM | SilentsTorm v | ^ | #
i was on the roster for redemption when they won cal-o

  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 10:40:43 PM | sMn-s0r v | ^ | #
April 2004 - Covert Ops server gives a birth to a small sub-community that can be called an All-Star shop. Several of its members unite to create an unusual force – sMn.


  Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 11:54:10 PM | Karpov v | ^ | #
your "info" Caff was you correcting me on this site about specific teams and went something like this , Kar:- mutha,eights,yada yada were on a particular team. Caff:- no that teams was Spuddy,Troll,yada yada etc. ... remember ?

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 12:49:09 AM | KolosoK)nG( v | ^ | #
Awesome post :)

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 02:14:20 AM | caffeine v | ^ | #
don't make me look it up donka

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 03:31:39 AM | w0rd* v | ^ | #
Season 4 TWL Beta Champions - OPP (Baby,Slaya,Lucky,Hooligan,Hydro,Word) defeats SoS 3 - 0 on Ice

I went by the name lucky in opp. But im sure newt along with mp40/Joe, thedude and buddy were also there. But not being picky

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 03:32:44 AM | w0rd* v | ^ | #
but a good write up.specially wit everyones input.

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 03:58:26 AM | FuZioN)nG( v | ^ | #
donka you had orignally gotten the idea when i had edited some SS to do the same thing. not to mention i pretty much "milked it to the bone". not that it really matters, but you always seem to try to exclude me ;)

also viking, you are correct about Piss/Wipp. However, I would have to say that PA had a good team and all, but the team was full of underachievers. Indiana had the best shot at winning it IMO. Then again, Florida had a pretty nice roster too and got dominated by TN :)

The speakeasy's going down was a big hit to the RTCW community. Of course, ET being released as well.

The link with colors was hawt, btw.

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 06:48:05 AM | Sage-Buzzard v | ^ | #
PA was beastly kthx

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 11:38:49 AM | xil-redman v | ^ | #

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 02:46:03 PM | mooshu v | ^ | #
mooshu* and i raped in that game too!

  Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 09:50:54 PM | rabia-aequitas v | ^ | #
team indiana!

  Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 10:59:10 AM | .:. Rowdy v | ^ | #
valparaiso, wee eew...gj karp!

  Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 09:27:01 AM | fX AlphA v | ^ | #
February 2005
Season 1 TWL Shrub Champions - Hair Pullers ( Coff1,Kep,Robes,Vid,Rambo,Spuddy,Paladin,Kep,Mutha,Pissclams ) defeats ASF 3 - 0
Robes: Hairpullers use the voltron d in the finals. Pull Free Vibes~~~ Pull Free? Can Be!

Hey, god damnit, I was on Hair Pullers and I was the one that suggested we use the Voltron defense & put everyone in their positions.

Abusive as hell.
Never forget ASF refusing WTV because "it would be embarrassing".

Pull free? Oh, they were pissed.

Excellent post by the way, makes me miss RtCW.

  Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 02:22:52 PM | lacerate v | ^ | #
Season 3 TWL Alpha Champions - immortals (Hartman,Crucial,Bob,Death,Wesley,Dsc,Excero,50cent) defeats Arise 3 - 0 on Ice

Ah back when I was wesleysniper and remedy was d$c; good times. Warmachine was also on this team so add him as well. This actually wasnt that bad of an incarnation of -i.

  Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 09:15:51 PM | v1k!ngISCG v | ^ | #
Still interested to see an answer to: "where is the whole thing about how Bert and Bob repeatedly played favorites and ran CAL into the ground? Then when called on it, they denied they were admins."

  Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 03:10:58 AM | cccp*glacier v | ^ | #
nice read...

but my era of domination seems to be missing, i would have expected at least 3 or 4 paragraphs.

  Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 05:51:36 AM | v1k!ngISCG v | ^ | #
Posted on Thursday, March 25, 2004 at 11:24:51 AM | c[_]`Wippuh v | | #
And yes, I am a cal admin! I made the schedule to favor OS this season! I don't have time to pub or scrim, barely enough to play matches, but I have time to sit around all week and admin for people like smoke and viking? Yes, you are teh win!!! Conspiracy theory winnars!!! Sorry, I love the game, but I don't love it that much.

What a huge pussy.

  Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 01:30:39 PM | -x-eternal v | ^ | #
team pa, sMn, metal gawdz, exodus, ttt/eXe, flatline... sMn was originally a small group of mechanics formed by s0r

  Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 05:35:07 PM | BiRdZ meshugr v | ^ | #
ah reminiscing...good times those were

  Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 12:43:15 AM | Sage-Buzzard v | ^ | #
Best part of the "December 2004
Season 6 STA OSP Champions - Flatline (Mutha,Alphaneo,Opz,Vid,Digital,Militant,Multitask,Sage,Eternal) defeats TV 3 - 2 on Frostbite"

Was the "OMFG WE BETTER NOT FUCKING LOSE!" (eternal) global after that 3 man tk a/s on the docs lol

  Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 03:42:03 AM | caffeine v | ^ | #
i think lt goose was on 1st hairpullers

  Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 03:58:04 AM | crucial v | ^ | #
Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 10:22:52 AM | lacerate v | | #
Season 3 TWL Alpha Champions - immortals (Hartman,Crucial,Bob,Death,Wesley,Dsc,Excero,50cent) defeats Arise 3 - 0 on Ice

Ah back when I was wesleysniper and remedy was d$c; good times. Warmachine was also on this team so add him as well. This actually wasnt that bad of an incarnation of -i.

i don't think warmach1ne was on the team when we won twl...but i could be mistaken, and for the record bob=hartman

  Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 09:03:09 AM | ph4ntom Oral-B v | ^ | #
some of the 2002 info is a little incorrect.
But great post, i loved it, i love you!

  Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 04:25:42 PM | lacerate v | ^ | #
teh gay up there :p love u too!

  Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 05:01:51 PM | tUx.b3e v | ^ | #
For me, at some point, RTCW became less fun due to the colossal prick egos that seemed to dominate the game by the Summer of 2004. ET was fresh, but full of annoying crap I hated, but the energy was there - unlike rtcw by that time. By January 2005 I was deep into my WoW addiction and stopped playing both games altogether.

The specter of hacking has really killed my enjoyment of many FPS games. Though I had nothing but fond memories of my time in rtcw as an above average Open player/team. Never was good enough for Main, never cared.

/tosses a med pack for my favorite game of all time. :(

  Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 01:16:09 AM | Lt.goose v | ^ | #
i was

  Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 02:59:39 AM | crucial v | ^ | #
die markkkkkkkkkkkkk

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 01:52:07 AM | -opp bigbear- v | ^ | #
The NARF vs fX CAL-I Finals match was one of the most enjoyable matches I've ever watched. As much as people hate on fX for various reasons I have nothing but respect for the last couple teams that Vatican fielded. They were always willing to scrim us even though we were way below their level and help us out with all sorts of things.

Other matches I enjoyed were a| taking out dr. in the first CAL-I finals and dr. whuppin' iN at QCON. Also the CAL-O Playoffs season 2 were awesome, that LQD team could have been a force for awhile had Warrior decided to stick with them. That CAL season was to me the peak of RtCW. There was something like 8-12 mostly active teams in Invite, 20 or so odd teams in Main and around 100 teams in Open.

At the time many of the players from the top tier teams of the last couple years were spread out mostly between Main and Open teams without to much talent concentrated in one place or one team. The players in Invite were on a completely different level at the time. I think that what hurt RtCW the most was that as these Main and Open players got to be as good and even better then those Invite players (most of whom had stopped playing at this point) they started to consolidate into fewer and fewer "super" teams and that not only shrunk the community as far as the number of teams is concerned but scared off some players who no longer felt they could compete and have fun. Yes the lack of support from major tournaments and organizations *cough* CPL *cough* hurt the game but without the player pool who could expect the support.

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 02:05:35 AM | caffeine v | ^ | #
yogi is an cyberathletic supporter

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 02:52:00 AM | -opp bigbear- v | ^ | #
strap to the max

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 11:37:32 AM | paper v | ^ | #
Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 01:01:51 PM | tUx.b3e v | | #

/tosses a med pack for my favorite game of all time. :(

best statement ever

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 07:57:19 PM | c[_]`Cracker v | ^ | #
I played for -x- when we won CAL-M Season 5. That roster is so wrong. It was Cracker, Mario, Luigi, Warch1ld, ABomB, Fragile, Multitask. I don't remember the actual line-up though.

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 10:14:14 PM | SyndicateGromit|TWL v | ^ | #
Anyone who wishes to see edits, please email me and I'll see that the corrections are made.

  Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 10:38:11 PM | FuZioN)nG( v | ^ | #
yahoo FF league pm me for info

  Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2007 at 10:11:49 PM | Sage-Buzzard v | ^ | #
gimmie gimmie

  Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 11:54:09 PM | gisele v | ^ | #
Excellent write-up guys, good job - seriously. Any thoughts on making a Wiki entry for it?

Also, I believe the pug league is missing, which is what initially sparked interest in BOB3.

Edit: Looking over it, there seems to be quite a few things missing. I couldn't find anything about the Silo scandal (ok that was huge, every kid busted hacking after that was running silobot). The "Wyldcard" incident is vaguely mentioned. That marked the first hacker caught in competitive RTCW and he was on the same team (fX) that would later recruit another hacker.

Everything you need for this project is essentially listed throughout news articles on this website. The hard part is anything prior to the creation of this site, seeing as is gone now and it used to feature RTCW coverage.

-You forgot to mention that with the creation of this website in the 2003 goes to Animeman (his name is still to this day at the bottom of this page, btw) and Pravda for that, as well as to Wippuh for keeping the site alive for so long...

-BOB3 was not a great tournament, despite all the effort that went into it's creation for more than one reason. Failure to mention anything about SnipeTX in regard to BOB3 is also /frown.

-Snoop is missing from the SpY roster and the $uperheroes roster (according to him).

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