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Things That Would Make RTCW Better.

Posted by: -doNka- (Sunday, November 11, 2007)

RTCW has been one of the most balanced, attractive, addictive game since it came out. Not too many games are fit for competition mode right off the shelf, which RTCW was. It's been 6 years since it came out and it is still hard to think of something that could have made this game any better. So I decided to come up with the list of things that I saw in other games or just ever imagined about RTCW having in order to make one step closer to perfection. So here we go:

One thing that any FPS game ought to have, yet RTCW has never gotten it on a global scale. This simple feature could unite nations. Seriously, look at NA teams playing Euros in ET. Some of the most exciting matchups in promode happened between scandinavian and North American players. This never happened in RTCW. I'm sure there are people here that still remember rewind vs minions(digital heresy) and other not so anticipated games that completely blew because of huge ping difference. Creation of antilag was totally up to mod makers, which in our case - Rhea. And he did not seem to care much about antilag just before he stopped caring at all.

Reward system
RTCW has the most worthless reward system out of all games out there. You get near zero credit for being a good teammate. You get one worthless point for a kill. You get nothing for defending objective, but you get 10x kill points for returning one. Beach war room comes to mind where docs may be picked up and dropped 50 times a game. I'd be glad to see ET system migrating to RTCW as soon as ET even came out. Great gameplay reflective point system(not XP) and rewards for best class, best damage, kills etc still keep team play spirit in ET. Meaningless reward system let RTCW go into places this wonderful game should have never gone. I'm talking about /kills, headshot whoring and, sequentially, deathmatch. Point system in RTCW was a failure from the beginning and it's a shame it was never changed. While nobody cares about it in competition, pubs could be a lot more fun if there was something to look at besides KDR and HS count.

Better hud menu
There are two little arrows that ALMOST show that you are about to be able to throw an air strike can. Almost. What about a pack? Or three packs? This always drove me crazy. Why not have a number next to the bar. Simplicity has its own charm, but that could be at least optional. It would not hurt to show whether you currently have grenades or not. I'm sure we've all been in a situation when you accidentally press a grenade bind and here it comes out x 1 when you thought you had none. In the same way, a display of pistol bullets and even gun bullets when you have a 'nade out would be really nice. Quake 3 osp and promode really took this to the proper level with customizable menus. Simple and convenient.

No fog from the beginning
I never fully appreciated reality in games, and grafix, and all that fancy crap that simply gets in a way of your vision. A way that is open for fire, but not for visual recognition of a target. When it comes down to the battle between to people that know the map and possible player retreat routes this becomes less relevant, but it's still there and still annoying. IMHO, this game simply looks better without fog. To me, it is visually appealing without fog. Maybe, without fog, there would be less exploiting and tweaking the game to the point when you have to make your screen glow white on r_intensity 5 in order to recognize shadows a mile away.

Web repositories
There's nothing worse than waiting 5 mb map, or a mod component to download at some ridiculous speed of 11KB/s. I'm no prophet, but this could be foreseen and fixed before RTCW even came out on a 3 year old Quake 3 engine. Web download references would drastically improve new player experience and possibly keep him in the game for longer time. This is all it was about at the end, not running out of people playing the game. Imagine if anyone could download OSP in 20 seconds and a map in 30...

Usable sten
Sten is a wonderful weapon, especially in skilled hands. But no matter how good a person is with a sten, he cannot use it throughout the whole cycle of the game. I always envisioned sten overheating, maybe, after 13-14 bullets instead of 10. It would still require aiming skills and overheat timing and make the weapon not just a pub toy, but a usable weapon available for both teams.

Powerful knife
Backrage with knife is one of the most satisfying experiences in wolf, but in frontal battle this weapon is almost worthless. Say, 25hp per hit would make it a lot more fun to use when you ran out of bullets in a close battle. What's the fun of knifing a medic 10 times in the face and still not accomplishing anything? Some power and visual reinforcement could have made knife a really fun weapon to use.

Lesser sniper rifle recoil
I just felt like it was too much. I felt it was just ridiculous when I first upgraded my PC and increased average FPS nearly twice. Some nifty scripts with 43 fps sniper rifle were real savers, but I still hate dragging the crosshair down after every shot. I almost thought of using one of those loxodonte's exploits with 0 recoil once. I get the point of upward recoil and all, but scrolling two pages down after every mouse click is a charm killer! Seems like every other game got it right besides RTCW.

Hopefully, there's some being that watches us from above and will not happen RTCW2 suck as terribly as all of the id-related titles since 2002. If you're out there, pass this onto developing team, amen.

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  Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 02:09:09 AM | Sage-Buzzard v | ^ | #
How about better anti cheat. I mean come on, it only caught me once...

The anti lag in etqw was pretty sweet, we use to scrim euros all the time and the 130-150 ping felt like a 60-80 in rtcw.

  Posted on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 12:04:50 AM | xil-redman v | ^ | #
this game is deader then caffeine's sex life! oh sick burn ;o

  Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 10:42:29 PM | (7*up)LoXodonte v | ^ | #
I bet having access to a 6 year old no traffic CAL I irc channel can be a nice topic starter at the gay bar.

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