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Medics 4 Dummies

Why be a medic?

Medics are the nurturing mother figure of a RTCW team. They are vital to ensuring the survivability of a team by providing health to heal the wounded and reviving the dead. A good medic greatly reduces the amount of time team members spend in Limbo or travelling from the spawn site.

Medic Factoids

  • A full energy bar is good for 4 med packs. Each med pack consumes 25% of an energy bar. Med packs are the only item which requires a medic to expend energy
  • Each med pack heals 20 points of damage (assuming difficulty = 3)
  • A medic starts out with 10 needles - these never get restocked unless you die and respawn
  • When a team mate is revived, they regenerate back to 60 health
  • Medics are the only class which regenerates health when wounded. You regenerate at approximately 2 points per second
  • The number of medics on a team increase the starting health level of all team members as follows

    Number of medics on teamStarting health (Medic)Starting health (Other)

On the downside, medics start off with the least amount of ammunition. Each medic starts out with 30 rounds for the SMG (Thompson or MP40), 32 rounds for his pistol, and 1 grenade. Medics, if not supplied by a Lieutenant, need to practice a little bit of fire discipline when shooting back at the enemy (this means no full auto spray and pray).

Medics are a good starting class for beginners. You can tag along with someone else and follow them - especially useful when you don't know the map. Almost everyone welcomes the company of a medic and will protect you, unless you foolishly put yourself at risk. What I'd like to do now is offer a few tips on how you can become a more valuable medic:

Be a good basic soldier

A team has to count on it's medics being able to fight and move just as effectively as anyone else. You need to practice the basics skills outlined in Tactics and Team Tactics until they become second nature to you. Being a medic is never an excuse for being a drag on the rest of the team.

Understand your HUD

Your heads up display (HUD) presents you with a great deal of information that can make you a more effective, more proactive medic. One of the ways your team can help you out is to make sure they have a key bound to Vsay_team Medic. If a team member needs a medic, all they have to do is hit the bound button and it will sound off with, "Help, Medic!" Here's a screenshot of what you will typically see in the game. Each of the numbered text boxes is further explained below:

  1. Compass. Team members calling for medics (vsay_team medic) will show up as a white cross in a red circle on your compass. The farther the injured player is from your position, the smaller the marker will be. Use this to help find team mates in need.

  2. Overhead markers. Once you get close enough to have direct line of sight to a player calling for a medic, you will see the same cross within a circle icon over their head. You will either see a needle icon or the same cross icon over the bodies of fallen comrades who need revivals and haven't entered Limbo yet. Buddies calling for medics will show the cross icon while buddies waiting for revival but not calling for a medic will only show the needle icon. Once they enter Limbo, the icon will go away and the body will fade into the ground. Only medics see these icons.
  3. Name and Health Status. If you hold your crosshairs over a friendly player, you will see their class, name, and health status. As the target player takes damage, the health bar will shorten and turn red. Use this to help identify players who could use a med pack or two.
  4. Team Overlay. If you look in the upper right hand corner, you'll see a list of friendly players. It displays name, map location, and current health. Dead players are marked with red 0's. Players very low on health will appear with red health numbers, players with moderates amount of health will show yellow numbers, and relatively healthy players will show white numbers. Use this color coding to identify players who are low on health and might need your help.
  5. Charge meter. Monitor your charge meter so that you'll know when you're ready to hand out more med packs.
  6. Dialogue box (not shown in illustration). When people send messages, you will see the name of the player, their message, and their map location on the lower left hand side of your screen. You can use this to quickly determine where players calling for a medic are located.

Be aggressive.

Team mates are not getting wounded because they're hiding in safe, comfortable places. They're taking hits and dying because they're in harm's way. In order for you to effectively support your team, that means that you too, must go into harm's way.

  1. Stay where the attack or defense is going to be the fiercest. People at the back won't need medic support nearly as much as your team mates in contact with the enemy.
  2. Find the people who are low on health and deliver med packs to them. Don't wait for them to call you or come looking for you. A good medic delivers med packs just as his teammate thinks about reaching for the the medic key. You want to keep their guns facing the enemy, not looking for you.
  3. If a team mate is down and there is a reasonable chance to get to him, take it. Naturally, this level of comfort will vary from medic to medic. Sometimes, a little bit of cover fire is all you need to give you that extra time to reach and revive a down comrade. STAY AWARE of where your team mates are shooting. Nothing sucks worse than beginning a sprint to a fallen buddy, only to run right into your team's crossfire. Communnications here is critical.
  4. Don't be afraid to fight in order to get to fallen buddies. This is especially true if you are either very far from your spawn point or the down player is mission critical (e.g., engineers at the objective). This is one reason why all medics need to possess solid combat skills.
  5. DON'T be a wuss. The team has to be able to count on you to get into the thick of things when the going gets rough.
  6. DON'T be overaggressive. This will also vary from medic to medic, but remember that your primary job is to heal and revive other players, not to rack up frags. A couple of extra frags under your belt doesn't mean squat if it means leaving your team without medic support?

Be proactive

Use the HUD and the crosshair health meter to constantly scan the health status of your teammates

  1. Get to injured teammates and feed them health packs before they need to call you. Ideally, you're behind someone and feeding them health packs just as the reach for the 'I need a medic" key
  2. Figure out which teammates are going to be in the line of fire. Drop health packs right behind them so that as they get hit, they get pushed back onto the med pack
  3. Position yourself where you can quickly reach the people who will probably die first. Save up your stamina for a quick sprint, revive, and retreat.

Practice your revivals

Revivals require a quick hand and a sharp eye to revive someone and then be off before the enemy can shoot you.

  1. Crouch over the body when reviving. You'll be more accurate and will present a smaller target
  2. While you can revive anywhere on the body - aim for center of mass. Wait until you see the hand symbol and then aim for the area between the crotch and the chest.
  3. Practice on a friend to get a good feel for where you should be standing to make 100% of your needle sticks effective.
  4. Recognize the sound of success. If a revival was successful, you will hear a grunt that sounds like this [THE SOUND OF A SUCCESSFUL REVIVAL]. If this link doesn't work for you, go into [gamedir]/main/Pak0.pk3/sounds/multiplayer/ and play the sound file vo_revive.wav. You don't have to wait for the other player to get up first.
  5. Be proficient at hitting someone on the run. You never want to stop and make yourself an easy target
  6. If you miss the first time, don't stop, circle back around
  7. When you have multiple teammates down, try to get multiple people up first (very situation dependant). Don't revive one person and feed them 4 med packs while other teammates are down. Get everyone up and then distribute health.

Don't develop tunnel vision on reviving downed teammates

While reviving teammates is a critical function, maintain an awareness of what else is going on in the game. Delivering a med pack COULD be meaningless if the enemy is about to capture the last objective and win the game.

  1. If an enemy is about the capture or complete a game-changing objective, your first priority should be preventing the enemy from completing their objective
  2. If path from the respawn point is narrow, don't stop in the middle of it to revive a downed team mate. If you do this, you'll block everyone else. Instead, get out of the way. let everyone else get past you, and then go back to take care of the injured. Chances are, he'll still be there.

Understand the TK-Revive

Caveat:This is not for everyone. Some people simply choose not to do this because they feel it is not in the spirit of the game. That is a decision that you have to make. This technique should also be used judiciously and only with people who understand what you are doing. In most public servers, people may just think that you are a TK'er and not realize you are doing this for their benefit. However, everyone should understand the TK-revive and why medics do this:

  1. Medics actually lose points for a TK-Revive. (-3 points for the TK, +2 points for the revive = net -1 points)
  2. The TK revive is the fastest way to bring someone up to maximum health
  3. Consider someone with 20 health. I could feed him 4 health packs and bring him back to 100 points. I have a fully healed teammate and I am totally out of med packs
  4. Alternatively, I can shoot him in the head, IMMEDIATELY revive him, which brings him back to 60 health, then feed him 2 health packs which also brings him back to 100 health, but now I have 2 more packs that I can give to someone else.
  5. Consider a situation where I have 2 wounded comrades. I can TK-revive both, distribute 2 med packs a piece, and now I have 2 fully healed teammates, where I could only raise the two to 60 health a pice using only medpacks
  6. This technique (depending on medic skill) should probably not be done when the target is under fire. The primary risk of this technique is that you will die before you can complete the revive, so you just have to be careful about when you do this.

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