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Being a Good Newbie 4 Dummies

While I can only speak for the RTCW and the Planetwolfenstein forums, as far as I can tell, newbies are always welcome there. Hang around either one of those forums, play with us on a couple of servers the regulars frequent, and you will learn how to play RTCW in a good, supportive, team environment - the way it's supposed to be played. However, as the new player, you have certain responsibilities:

  1. RTFM - You have to learn the basics. We can help you out, but please take the time to figure out the basic controls, what each class does, and how to zoom with the sniper rifle. We're willing to teach, but we're in-server to play a game, not teach RTCW 101.

  2. Take time to spectate for a while. However, keep in mind that most of the 'good' servers stay pretty busy and are almost always full. If you spectate for more than a couple of minutes, you're taking up a valuable slot that someone else could be using. This isn't the Victoria's Secrets Web Show.

  3. Team killing is inevitable, but if you're going to indiscriminately shoot your panzerfaust or flamethrower into a crowd of teammates, you'll find that people aren't going to be too jazzed to help you out. Newbs should probably stick to the basic guns first. Additionally, a little bit of trigger control and common sense will go a long ways.

  4. Start a server on your own, gain a basic familiarity with the more common maps, and give each class a spin. Wander around the maps a little and learn where the objectives are. It will do wonders when you realize that you actually know where people are going and from where they're calling "Medic!" While in your own server, try out each class and figure out what each key does. The friendly spawn point during your first on-line game should not be where you figure out that the funny green grenade is an airstrike cannister.

  5. Don't spam for medics or ammo. Most of the regulars in either forum will be pretty proactive in finding you and feeding you health and ammo. Remember when you ask for ammo a sign apears above your head so be a bit patient and you will get what you requested. Continuous spam is highly annoying and a good way to ensure you don't get squat.

  6. Resist the temptation to go for glory. The game is about teamwork and not individual points. In fact, don't even think about the points - that's the fastest way to improve your game. Every newbie who wants to be John Wayne is just another body I have to fight my way into No Man's Land to revive.

  7. Be a good sport. Common courtesy goes a long ways. Be nice to your fellow team mates and your opponents, because in later games, they'll also be your team mates. Just avoid being a jerk in general. Say thanks and sorry.

  8. Don't automatically assume that other people are cheaters - it gets old fast and kills your credibility. You're going to see a lot of people do things you never imagined were possible. Watch and learn.

  9. Have fun! Remember, it's a game and nothing more. If you're losing, it's not the time to start screaming abuse at everyone. When you start losing your cool then it's time to take a break. Never resort to TKing it achieves nothing and you will only find your name being remembered in the server for the wrong reasons.

  10. Never be afraid to ask questions (but do some basic research first). You can bet your ass someone knows the answer. Also remember that this forum alone will improve your game. So sign your name up now introduce yourself and kiss goodbye all your free time.

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