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Updated versions of Cipher and Nordic are now available!
  Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 04:01:02 PM | -doNka-
  (from source)

Here are some of the major changes:

Cipher (B2)
- added ladder clip to the sides of the river (and raised the water level) so people can get out easier
- resized and restructured the lower complex to make it more straight forward and scalable for 3v3
- removed explodable barrels for stability
- various textural and staging upgrades to improve visual clarity

Nordic (B2)
- fixed bug that made it possible to hear sounds from distant areas
- fixed bug where destroyable grates remained after being broken with non-explosive weapons
- fixed bug that made fences solid/bulletproof
- added drop-down from lower axis spawn to emergency access tunnel / planning room
- added more initial spawn points at the north turret
- added outside entrance to office balcony ladder
- removed explodable barrels for stability
- restructured the office/warehouse area to make it more straight-forward

For both maps, I also standardized the objective flags so that the primary objective (documents) is the at the top, and the forward spawn flag is the bottom. Sometimes the announcement that the objective taken doesn't get heard, and in that case this should make it easier for people to determine if the primary objective is in play.

Thanks to all those who provided useful feedback. Please download these maps before you join the pug as we will be playing them starting 6/25/2020

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