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PlanetRTCW Recruitment Center

Force-Three is recruiting!
Posted on 09/17/07 by *=F3=*Kaspar

Join Now First 5 Members Will Be Listed As Founding Members
Thanks *=F3=*Frag-N-Kenny And *=F3=*Reaper


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Eazy Company is recruiting!
Posted on 05/04/07 by {EC}Winters

Eazy Company is currently recruiting if anyone is interested please visit our clan websight and post your request in our recruitment forum
right now you can find us playing in allies vs axis servers(objective) or in the RTCW community server.

Thank you,

Eazy Company

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dead is recruiting!
Posted on 01/20/07 by -xSicarUs

Team collateral damage are recruiting.
Looking for quality and skilled players to join.
Going to enter us into TWL soon.
Contact me at


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CroSs:+:BreEd is recruiting!
Posted on 11/28/06 by :+:VirUs047`

TWL�s next season is right around the corner, but Cross Breed is still looking for ONE more reliable gun! We have been around this community for ages, so it�s not hard to look past us as that noob team, but were still here. While we are gearing up for a competitive season, we also understand how to have a good time and have fun. We really look for players who leave egos at home and just play to have fun, but be competitive at the same time!

What we offer:
-Competitive environment (Both RTCW @ ET)
-Friendly teammates
-IRC Bot, Vent, Forums, Website, Servers (Public and Private), Virus�s Personal Porn Stash (Shush... don�t tell the GF!)
-Regular Scrims + Practices
-Bliss�s Lvl 60 WoW Characters
-Syk�s Jumping abilities (He�s willing to teach you how to fall with grace!)
-Johnny�s man sex skills.

What we are looking for:
-Active (This is a MUST!)
-Mature (Understand when to shut up or make with the funny!)
-NO HACKERS (Cough... Tips/Blizzard...Cough!)
-Pervious Experience. (Guns who can hold their own usually end up playing come match night!)
-People who wanna stay around to frag with us in RTCW2! ☺

So if you like what you see below and can fill in for what we are looking for you might just find yourself with CB tags on in the future. ☺

If you are interested hit ME or Sykotic up on #crossbreed @

OR ← Click Forums (Register) Post on Recruitment Section!


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CroSs:+:BreEd is recruiting!
Posted on 08/21/06 by :+:VirUs047`

Team Cross Breed is recruiting 1 or 2 players for our current TWL Shrub League Team Roster. We will be playing a low key season. Meaning we won't scrim. We won't practice more than basic review of strats and positions. This will be just for fun and having some nice games with other teams. If your interested you must meet the following qualifications.

Players interested MUST be:
-18 or older
-Fun over everything else.
-Previous clan experience is a plus!

Team Cross Breed has been around since 2002, and we've been involved in RTCW competition for almost that long. If your interested in joining a stable, active and competative group of mature gamers, this is the place for you. :) We consider ourselves as friends rather than clanmates and enjoy competing against other teams who value the same goals and concepts we as a team have had as standards for season after season.

We are also recruiting for an ET Division and already working to pick up a gun or two for our Current RTCW OSP team roster for next season(if there is one). We need skilled guns and players for these divisions as well. If you are interested, please contact me @ @ #crossbreed You can also contact Patience, Sykotic or Bizkit. :) Also visit our website: Post on the forums in our recruitment forum area. :) Thanks guys! GL HF!


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Wasting Time is recruiting!
Posted on 07/29/06 by =:WT=:TheKing

The =:WT=: clan is recruting vist thanks the =:WT=: clan staff

Wasting Time

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The Jolly Roger is recruiting!
Posted on 07/26/06 by -doNka-

The Jolly Roger

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ChosenOne's is recruiting!
Posted on 05/31/06 by [a]streetz-work

Chosen One's is looking for some experienced wolfers to play shrub or osp or both. We are a clan just trying to have fun :) Please contact me on msn at or on aim at maddog12789 or just post on our site at


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Voodoo Dolls is recruiting!
Posted on 01/17/05 by {VD}L@nc3R

Voodoo Dolls clan is currently looking for talented players. We usually play at -|TS|- Clan Destruction Server. We are very talented and are looking for good players. Next season we will be joining TWL and possibly CAL.

We especially need the following.

Talented Power Weapon Soldiers (Venom Panzer)
More Meds
2-3 Lts.

If you come in those categories we would be glad to have you in register on our forums at

Voodoo Dolls

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Team Necrotic is recruiting!
Posted on 12/14/04 by Mortal :o

Team Necrotic
-Looking for fun players
-Only TWL Season 8 Wednessdays Matches
-No Scrims
-Dedication is not needed, its for fun
-Password: Moonjuice

Hope to cya soon!

Team Necrotic

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Cellular is recruiting!
Posted on 09/09/04 by //Cam0uFlage

Cellular is looking for a few guys, looking for players with good guns, teamwork, know how to have fun, are commited and dont fight with team mates. join up #celllar and pm Cam0uFlage or JestaH, thanks.


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Suicide Kings is recruiting!
Posted on 08/25/04 by KuRuPt

Come to the Forums and post

Suicide Kings

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Operation Psycho Patrol is recruiting!
Posted on 08/14/04 by -n@ps-

Operation Psycho Patrol

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Eternal Conquest is recruiting!
Posted on 05/11/04 by Mortal :o

Possibly looking for 1 medic/lt for upcoming season. CAL-M+ plz. #eC|

Eternal Conquest

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HellsKnights is recruiting!
Posted on 02/25/04 by Nickels


Hells knights are a clan of highly Competitive, Honorable, and Fun loving guys and girls who bring the game to the next level, and hosting 3 servers of our own means no hassles getting to the action. So check out our site, come visit us in our Mirc room #Hellsknights on, or visit our servers for some fun, then just click on our join page fill out an application and your on your way to the ultimate Gamming experience.

We are only looking for mature players! We emphasize having fun, respect for your fellow player and working as a "team". We use teamspeak and Ventrilo to communicate within the team. We practice 3 days a week but do not practice or have matches on weekends. But members are always pubbing! Any soldier class may apply!

You can find us every Monday and Wendsday on IRC starting 7:15pm est. Intrested stop by our web site and fill out a app! Or drop us a E-mail! You can also come by Mirc a kick it with us! Questions are welcome!

Questions E-mail
Thanks for reading

GameSurge #hellsknights

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Last Men Standing is recruiting!
Posted on 01/22/04 by NAPOLEON


Last Men Standing

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X3rO Gr!pP is recruiting!
Posted on 12/09/03 by usedtoplayrtcw-CanadA

Hey Every one. we are a new clan Xero Gripp (!xG we have been around for about a month and we are looking for about 2-3 good cal open players. if you are intrested you can go to and contact us for tryouts.


X3rO Gr!pP

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{KGB} is recruiting!
Posted on 11/21/03 by {KGB}smoke

Hello there, {KGB} is a new clan in rtcw we are currently looking for members with an itching trigger finger and a good sence of witts, we are dedicated to having fun and helping our new and older members with tips tricks and anyother useful tid bits, hell we love competition but lets face it, would you rather be in a clan thats based on fighting with eachother over some stupid strat or having fun and kicking ass at the same time ! if ya'd like to join my msn is as soon as we update our roster we'll be adding our selves to OGL and if the clan decides to do so, we'll play TWL as well, our site will be up and running soon and our server is on the way!


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Team Flatline is recruiting!
Posted on 11/14/03 by FuZioN)nG(

Convulsion will be back for next season. This past season we formed and played in CAL for the second half of the cal-main season. We are looking for 2 or 3 DEDICATED guns with cal-m+ experience. Whatever the tier system will be next season, whether its calo/calm, or calo/cali, we want to compete at the higher division. Returning this season to run the team is Jfreak from DeathTouch, and Eternal who competed with us last season. Chances are I will also be returning to add into the mix.

Our normal scrim schedule is 8 and 9 est, Mon-Thurs. Possible scrims on any other days if everyone decides to. Mainly a eastern/central based clan.

[c] is a multi-gaming clan, so we also have a Call of Duty, Soldier of Fortune, and Enemy Territory Division. If you also play those games, look into us as well.

You can check out our website at , or drop by our irc channel #convulsion for more info. Thanks for your time.

Team Flatline

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Team Burque is recruiting!
Posted on 10/08/03 by tb*chilifiend

Team Burque is an Albuquerque, New Mexico LAN team that is looking for 1 or 2 RTCW/ET players. If by some crazy chance you are from Burque and are interested in casual match/scrim play, let us know. We look for attitude over skill so l33t teenagers that hate to lose need not apply. Maturity and late bed time required. If you’re not located in Burque but are still interested, we are open to non-local players but you better be good or something. Right now we play 2-4 nights a week on Sun, Mon, Tue, and/or Thur starting at 7/8pm until around 10/12 MST. Drop by #TeamBurque on or send an email to if you’re interested...

Team Burque

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Clan Nexus is recruiting!
Posted on 10/04/03 by env*m1ke

Clan Nexus is recruiting 2-3 good experienced guns. If you have any questions please stop by #clanexus on gamesnet and pm me. We're currently in CAL-O and TWL-B, we also plan on playing halo as well as rtcw.

Clan Nexus

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Old SkOol Gamers is recruiting!
Posted on 09/12/03 by [+ oo] rampage

Old SkOol Gamers is looking to recruit 1 active Main/Alpha level player to sure up our roster. We're definitely trying to win here. We scrim sunday and monday nite 9-10-11est with matches on Tuesday and Wednesday. Check us out on Irc #-OsG- on gamesnet and contact either Rampage or DefEnder. You can also just p2p me here or go to our website and check out the recruiting section of the forums

Realiable players only please.

Old SkOol Gamers
GameSurge #-OsG-

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aln is recruiting!
Posted on 09/05/03 by IalnIRoadKill.CA

ALN Looking for 1 to 2 Main, Alpha level players. 18+ preferred, East, West or Central Time Zones.
Contact info:
Web: Post in the RTCW Public section
Irc: #aln on


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Team Envision is recruiting!
Posted on 09/01/03 by env*m1ke

Well it looks like we're back to ground zero. We are starting over. What we are looking for is dedication computer nerds =). We plan on scrimming every night and having 3-4 practices a week. We will be playing in CAL and TWL (Beta & 6v6 ladder). We use ventrilo for communication so that is a necessary. We use our forums and irc to communicate while not playing to keep the team together. We are looking for a full time panzer first off, and some other people that can do all the classes. We have two captains spots available. We'd like to only have 8-9 people on our roster but they all must be active. This way there will be no "starters" everyone is able to play. We are looking for 1-2 captains who will help run the team. The team will be run by 3-4 people so its almost like everyone has a say. Thats all I guess.

Need to know more? PM me on irc or something :P

#teamenvision on gamesnet

Team Envision

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team-fuZed is recruiting!
Posted on 06/08/03 by fZ-streifen

Since our Cal Match against The Immortals my team has pretty much died. We have a bad rep and many people don't want to be affiliated with us. However, I understand how the community feels about us and have kicked the bad apples on our team.

FuZed as you all know started out between the merge of cT and FzD. We merged together hoping to build our team like fX and TAF gaming. However we were a brand new team so things did not go to smooth in the beginning. After scrimming for a bit we started to become more stable. However because of what happened the rtcw division has pretty much been dead for a while, but other divisions have emerged such as counterstrike and sof2.

These to divisions have helped out team-fuZed enormously. FuZed.sof2 was invited and is currently competing in Cal Invite also sof2 is pretty much the same team as PWK or Counterstrike LAN team was developed on account of our very own team-fuzed net center and have been very successful in scrims etc. However despite all this, as you all know I still play wolf and would like to compete again. So I am pretty much taking up offers on a west/central team merging under our name [out of my hands however colors etc negotiable] and competing to become successful such as our sof2 and counterstrike team.

Merging with team-fuzed militating clan has the following advantages:

-Sponsored by xiosgaming,
-Sponsored by our very own LAN center,
-Sponsored by - Hooks us up with free gfx cards and mother boards when we win tourneys, competitions, etc.
-Lan Center Sponsored by NVIDIA
-Currently a very strong counterstrike LAN team straight out of Pleasanton, ca
-Currently have a sof2-invite clan on enterthegame | #fuzed - most of the members are from pwk -
-We have t1 access meaning we can have servers for wolfenstein both private/public, counterstrike and sof2
-We have our own ventrilo and teamspeak servers on a t1 high speed connection
-We have our very own clothing line -
Many users and members here might mock this post but once again this is my chance to resurrect team-fuZed, which I will never leave, whether we are hated or not, dead or alive.

If you are a competing rtcw ACTIVE team and are pretty advance or even intermediate please come by Gamesent #fuzed or Enterthegame #fuzed and msg me, streifen.
You can also contact me by email




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Packet-Kids is recruiting!
Posted on 06/07/03 by astro*

#packet-kids on gamesnet recruiting cal:m and i players for RTCW and recruiting good talent for RTCW: ET. We've got a webhost, ventrilo sponsor, website should be done tonite/tomorow, and will have a RTCW and ET server up shortly. Come by #packet-kids on gamesnet and message pK-astro. Thanks!

#packet-kids on GameSurge

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Kinetic is recruiting!
Posted on 06/04/03 by K'petey

recruiting good experienced ppl msg donka in #kinetic.rtcw on gamesnet


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Hounds from Hell is recruiting!
Posted on 05/25/03 by ColdSteel

Team HfH is recruiting

We are looking for 2 good shooter to close our roster for this season. You need to be a above average shooter, have experience in league play and be mature, being above 18 years old is a plus. We scrim sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday for 9pm to 12pm est. We currently compete in Cal open and Twl beta.

So if your a good shooter and can be here for most of our schedual drop by #hfh on gamesnet and talk to Selune, Cap or ColdSteel.

Hounds from Hell

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-wicked- is recruiting!
Posted on 03/28/03 by grym

Wicked is looking for a few west/central players. Must be experienced and of CAL-M caliber. Message mehdi or myself at #wicked-crew on GamesNet.


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Former cK is recruiting!
Posted on 03/22/03 by cK-shaftian

are you lonely... do you spend your nights playing wolfenstein and realise that your face is turning into a pizza and your skin comes in the same shades of white as a bulk bundle of staples brand printing paper... don't you worry your pretty litte head of my friend.

bloodshot, the greatest rtcw hacker of our time is looking for his soul mate, msg him on irc if you would like to be his soul mate.

(btw, dont pmsg ME, pmsg HIM)

Former cK

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Don't see your recruit notice for your clan? Post a notice so people know you are searching for some good players to add to your roster!

Team Special America. Very Special
Team Special America. Very Special

Irc Channel:,

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